Nanook, bear god of the Inuit people, seems to be pretty lazy these days. You would think that with shrinking ice for the polar bears and destruction of habitat for grizzlies and black bears, he would be laying some extinction on humanity. Turns out, he’s been sleeping. Leave it to Lil K to wake him up and destroy us all in his zeal.

How old is he anyway? A few strips back had him saying he was eleven and now he says he is eight. I guess that’s what you get for not having real parents and living with a Sasquatch.

I recently fixed my computer and started using Photoshop’s 32bit edition rather than the 64 I had been using and it is a lovely experience. Everything runs so much more smoothly for some reason. I have been feeling better about the art because of it, lately.

Also, we here at 10km are doing a group comic soon! To fill in the days of the week when neither Happle Tea nor Para-Ten are updating, we will be featuring a sketch comic done by William, Jessica, and myself. Pages will be done on a rotation (probably Jess -> Me -> William) and we will have no prior knowledge of what the previous person has done until they are finished with their page. Sound interesting? Sit tight, we will try to have it on the site in a few weeks.