This is something of a recycled strip from the days before the website was up. I know some of you have seen it and I apologize for that. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to write a new top-quality strip with all the things going on before I move tomorrow. Instead of not creating a strip, I decided to take the script from a strip I really loved that I couldn’t include on the site due to poor formatting and create some new art and fix the pacing.

There are web comics that will post and print the first ideas that come to their heads and use the first run through on the art and you can, typically, tell which ones those are. I try very hard to create comics that just about anyone can understand, that are funny, and that often have some kind of deeper meaning if you look hard enough. Writing strips by yourself can be a nerve-wracking and soul-destroying process at times, but I never use the first ideas I have or the first sketches I do for a panel.

That said, I felt the formatting and art on the original version was very weird overall and that the pacing felt wrong. I have redone it so that it can be posted here on the website and printed in the first issue Happle Tea book next year. I hope that you like it if you have not seen it before, and that you enjoy the new pacing and art if you already have.

Have I mentioned that I am completely obsessed with owls?

Also: Thanks to everyone telling friends about the comic, I have had over twice as many visitors this month as last which is incredible. As always I appreciate the emails, promotions, and word of mouth advertising <3 You are all magnificent!