When the underworld is full, the dead will rise!

..to the ceiling of the underworld and nobody will be able to move and Hades will be very upset.

I’ve always wondered how the Underworld or Heaven or the afterlife would actually work on a mechanical level. I mean, do souls take up space? If not, why have a place for them at all? Why not just jam them all on the head of a pin and save the time and effort of dealing with their immaterial nonsense?

Death sure is confusing!

I’ve already dedicated (deadicated? HAH!) a full blog post to the topic of the powerful, though sullen, Greek god of the dead so I’ll let you go back and read that if you wish to. I had to deal with some family drama very late last night and I’m still too out of it to write a proper blog post today. Sorry about that everybody! At least I’ve been keeping up with the comics, right?

There will be another comic and post on Tuesday! The end of next week will mark a full month of on-time Happle Tea comics! The first full month in over a year. What a delight!

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