This is the last Happle Tea comic. Ever. I’m sick of doing this stupid comic and not getting any recognition! NOBODY LIKES ME OR MY COMIC AAAHHH!

JK, yo. April Fool’s! I love you guys.

I wrote this news post on April 1st, so technically it’s still legitimate. It’s not my fault if you read it on the 2nd!

April Fool’s Day has been around for a long time, but the first recorded instance of it was in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. For as long as it has existed, it has been a day devoted to tricks and tricksters. It stands to reason that the likes of Loki would appreciate such a day, albeit probably in a malicious way.

Loki is one of the most interesting characters in Norse Mythology, in my opinion. A trickster and a schemer, he was always up to something and most of the time it wasn’t good. While there is a general sense nowadays that he was an evil god, many Norse myths depict him simply as a clever troublemaker and sometimes a coward. There are many instances of Loki helping the rest of the pantheon, though his nature often gets the better of him and causes more harm than good.

There’s even a story about Loki dressing Thor up like a woman as part of a plan to get his hammer back. Here is a short and concise telling of that particular gem. It’s fairly without embellishment but you get the idea.

Tricksters have always played an important role in early myths and even Satan conforms to the role in certain ways. No pantheon is complete without one, and they will always remain some of my personal favourites. Without someone to laugh at us, criticize us, and point out our flaws in a humorous light, many of us would get too big for our own britches as the saying goes. The gods, characters, and monsters that fill this role are just as important as the shining hero.