Anime conventions (and their ilk) are like some alternate realm where the normal rules of society no longer apply. Up is down, black is white, and nerds are the cool kids on campus. Take a horse to an anime convention and it becomes a deadly predator.

Yeah, that’s right, I said it. Horses as predators.

Anime Boston this year was a pretty great time. I felt a bit of anxiety, what with it being such a big deal, but I got over it and managed to shake hands and converse like a functional human being. I’m proud of this.

One of the great things about nerd conventions is that they tend to be very inclusive; everyone’s on equal footing. While it’s funny to imagine a world where the nerds rule with an iron fist, that hasn’t actually been my experience. The types of people visiting a gathering of this calibur tend to be so diverse as to defy definition. People of all different ethnicities, cultures, countries, religions, and strata of society gather together in support of their favourite past times. Alongside your sweaty socially awkward types are the business folks, sports guys, and a great many normal people that just want to share their enthusiasm for anime and games in a venue where it’s deemed appropriate.

I think I even saw a few bros there!

Nobody really seemed to mind.

My experience there was pretty great, though I was shackled to a table almost the entire time. I sold some prints of illustrations I’d done along with some HT mini collection comics, buttons, and t-shirts. It was nice to finally go to a convention and feel like what I brought with me was appreciated.

The best part of the whole thing was meeting people who already know the comic. I met a couple of really cool guys and had a blast playing some Monster Hunter on PSP with them; a lovely break from the table. I also got to chat with Michelle about the Republican strip I did (still one of the most contentious things on the site!) and got a wonderful letter from her friend Margaret. I also made a great new friend from New Jersey named Sara! You should really check out her artwork! At the very least, check out this sweet Lil K she drew!

There were a lot of others that stopped by but this space is only so large. Just know that hearing directly from fans of the site was totally rewarding and made the whole thing worthwhile. Thanks for making it such a great time for me, you guys and gals!

Hanging out at the table was made much more bearable with the help of Lizgigg, William, Cellie, Diana, and Sara. I don’t know what I would have done without Liz there to interact with people when I was just too tired to converse. Cellie being there to play monster hunter, Nick and her friends stopping by to be totally ridiculous, Sara doodling in my sketchbook, and William just bein’ William all helped make everything fun. Thanks gang <3 That said, it's great to be done. Cons are pretty stressful and tiring, I'm kind of a hermit and it's nice to be home. In slightly more random news, I'm going to be opening up for art commissions soon. I really need to make some money to keep this site operating and I also need to move in the next month or two and I haven't got enough to pay the upfront costs on an apartment. I was thinking about putting up a donations thing but I feel like that's sort of tacky. Rather than live on the streets, I'd like to do artwork for people for some money! If you're interested, drop me a line at I'll be posting on dA and Tumblr as well.

I’ll tweet about it when I’ve got more info!

Anyway, thanks again for a great con to those of you that stopped by!