Sometimes people are a bit reactionary when it comes to things they dislike. Some of us are slightly more reactionary than others. Maybe we should all have a day where we just throw each other through trees. The world might be a better place, albeit more bruised and with some broken bones I suspect.

I’ve made some jokes about Harry Potter in the past. I’ve also shown Lil K as having an irrational fear of witches. Truth be told, neither of these things is true of me. I’ve had some comments and some emails about these subjects and I just wanted to clear the air. I don’t hate Harry Potter or witches.

I hate magic.

Just kidding.

The discontinuation of the three panel format continues! Personally, I’ve really enjoyed working on these last couple of strips. Now, obviously, there is a certain level of enjoyment with all of the strips, but it feels a lot more natural to be able to work in a non-standardized format. Hooray!

I hope to have a t-shirt design to show you all next tuesday. Hopefully you can give me your feedback and let me know what you think!