As if the apocalypse wasn’t bad enough, the Norse gods also had to put up with this damned rooster popping off just to let them know what was headed their way. I’d invite the giants and monsters in at that point just to get the thing to shut up, too.

What is there to say about this rather obscure bit of Norse Mythology? Not much, apparently, as Gullinkambi is only attested to once (as far as I know) in the Poetic Edda. The concept of a bird shrieking at gods to alert them to the end of the world is rather funny if you ask me and if I had my way I’d somehow write only comics about birds of his caliber until the end of my days. Alas, it is not meant to be. Perhaps this noble (and obnoxious) bird will make a return someday in the strip, but only time will tell.

For those of you wondering if I made this stupid bird up, please direct your attention to this passage from the Poetic Edda poem, Voluspa, translated by Henry Adams Bellows:

Then to the gods crowed Gollinkambi,
He wakes the heroes in Othin’s hall;
And beneath the earth does another crow,
The rust-red bird at the bars of Hel.

The best part is that there is not one, but THREE of these birds just waiting for the right moment to let loose. I guess they just really wanted to make sure that everyone knew Ragnarok was upon them. As if dragons and wolves devouring people during an endless winter weren’t enough of a clue. But hey, that’s Norse myth. They apparently love to add random animals doing strange things with very little explanation as to why. I’m sure we’ll get to some more of that in the future.

Hope you’re all still enjoying regular updates! That’s 4 in a row and all on time!