The Bible tells us that God made the earth for mankind. If that’s true, the Almighty sure sucks at making a home that isn’t constantly trying to murder all of us. It’s like building a new home for your family to move into when you have a new baby on the way, and then filling said home with punji pits and landmines. It’s just a little hard to believe that the builder even remembered the baby’s existence, much less constructed the home with it in mind.

Then again, maybe the Lord was (and has apparently remained) incredibly pissed off about that whole apple thing. Let it go, dude!

There is a general sentiment (among Christians, particularly) that the world was designed with humanity in mind. That, somehow, the earth was made specifically for us to inhabit and to have mastery over. I suppose it’s hard to know the mind of a being that is, I’m told, all powerful and all knowing, but it seems a bit silly that such an intelligence would create something that seems so hostile toward us. Maybe God is a fan of those reality TV shows where dudes go out and survive in the wilderness and he just wanted to see what that would be like on a grand scale. Either way, it doesn’t exactly seem like a nice thing to do.

The whole personal God thing always strikes me as a little strange, I mean why would a being of indescribable power and intelligence bother focusing his attention on one species on one planet in one tiny corner of a massive and amazing universe? Does this not seem weird to other people or do they just not think about it?

Anyway, short blog post today! I’m aiming to keep doing at least one comic a week for now until I feel happy with more of my ideas.