Oh Moses, you silly bastard. He thought that he was this big important leader, a real stand-up guy that everyone could look up to. What he didn’t realize was that the Israelites were just waiting for the narc to leave before getting down to bitness.

That golden calf throws the best raves.

I always thought the dramatic story of Moses’ return from Mount Sinai was pretty hilarious. It’s almost a perfect representation of the argument religious people present when discussing morality. Without some guiding voice or some arbitrary ruleset in place, everything falls to shit in a matter of minutes. It didn’t take long for Moses to be gone before his followers started worshiping metallic mammals. It’s like they suddenly forgot everything they’d been taught and everything they knew was right so they could rock out and start the greatest circle pit ever.

Can you really blame them though? I mean, the Hebrew people were very repressed folk. They clearly just needed a break from all those rules so they could feel the rhythm of the music getting stronger.

I still feel a bit bad for Moses. Clearly all the cool Jews thought he was a tool.

Looking at the history of the Jewish people a few things stand out. First, the Hebrews have suffered. Really suffered. They’ve faced persecution, slavery, genocide, and if pop culture is to be believed, nagging female family members for thousands of years. The second is that they have been burdened by rules. Much of the Torah is a litany of things you should and shouldn’t do and when you should or should not do them. It must be hard, living that sort of lifestyle.

We don’t adhere to many things from the Bronze Age anymore, but Leviticus is still going strong in some places. Thankfully, most people are more reasonable now than they used to be. There’s nothing wrong with tradition, but dogma takes us down a road I’d rather not see anyone travel. I’ll take critical thinking over blind faith any day.

Anyway, I’m sorry about the missed strip on Tuesday and the lateness of Friday’s strip, we’re just about at the end of the semester and that means big projects are due. I’ve finished a great deal of my work so hopefully there won’t be any more interruptions in comic making. I just got a bit behind after last week’s six strip marathon.

Oh I also am working on a small 12 page mini comic. It’s a short little booklet containing a rather well known folktale complete with painted illustrations. I might toss one of the paintings up on the blog to give everyone an idea of what it’s like. They’re small and can be mailed and they’re cheap to make and thus cheap to sell. I’ll put them up in the store when they’re ready if anyone is interested.