I think it’s really about time he just set sail on the high seas. There’s not much worse that can happen to him now, right? What, is a shark going to eat his beard? He’s got some serious pirate potential.

If this offends my diabetic readers or any readers out there that happen to have lost limbs, please accept my apology. I know it’s not easy to deal with. If you do have diabetes, please for the love of Odin, take care of yourself! I have friends that suffer from the disease and I know it’s pretty difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle but stay strong! If you have friends or family that are diabetic, show them some love and support.

Well here we are again, another pirate themed comic! Unfortunately, there isn’t much left to say after our excursion into Blackbeard’s love life so that’s about it for today’s blog post.

Have a good weekend everybody! See you on Tuesday!