God makes a triumphant return, and, true to form he is totally gross and a little surprising.

There are times when I write the strip and I desperately want to come up with something for a particular character, god, or mythology, but it just doesn’t work. Lately, I’ve craved writing more Cat-God strips. The sheer ridiculousness of his replies to K’s philosophical questions are fun and they were the basis for this strip ever starting in the first place. It’s good to have written something new with him in it.

The fun thing about God (both in the strip and in life) is that his (or her or its) very nature stresses the concepts our brains hold dear. Finite reality is not something that can contain him (or her or it) and rules of social niceties do not phase him (or her or it). I think we (as a species) have sort of moved away from the idea of God as the man in the sky with the big white beard and have started to believe in his (or hers or its) existence as more of an abstract. Plenty of people don’t subscribe to that set of beliefs but even they are aware of the concept and I think this applies to them as well.

Personally, I always thought it’d be great if God weren’t subject to our rules but still acted and thought like us but was just a bit more rude and ridiculous. Hence his behavior in every strip he has been in thus far.

It’s like, yeah he could just tell Lil K the answers but that wouldn’t be fun. He’d rather give us some bullshit reply, gross us out, and watch us writhe, laughing the whole time.

You’ve got to be able to laugh at yourself, y’know? If God does exist, that might be his greatest gift to us. Humor in the face of adversity (or just life in general).

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