Hypocrisy is nothing new in the world of politics. Unfortunately for politicians, television and the internet are now there to record and spread their every misstep. It seems like every day I hop onto various news sites and read about some self-styled leader-type reaching for new levels of douchebaggery. When you consider the entire history of their particular business, it must seem a tremendous task. How do you top the likes of Stalin or Hitler? I suppose you can’t beat them in terms of tyranny in the sort of globo-politi-whatever we live in today, so you’ve just got to go for extra points in style.

When it comes to style, nobody, and I really mean nobody, beats America. We have so many power-strength dickheads in our government screaming about homosexuality, abortion, and other things that you’d think would be left up to individuals that our news organizations can’t reasonably cover all of the preposterous antics they get up to. We’ve got Republican “Family Men” who wander off on the Appalachian Trail and end up banging some South American woman, we’ve got Democrats trying to get it on with other dudes in airport bathrooms, and most incredibly of all, we’ve got plenty of clergymen molesting children. There seems to be something about a desire for power that goes hand in hand with being a complete asshole.

Does my contempt for these people show? Let me try to reel it in.

The funniest part about all the shenanigans surrounding these “morality” issues is that the individuals screaming the loudest about them have been shown, quite frequently, to be engaging in the very activities that they are supposedly against. The best ones are the ultra-conservative buffoons that bash homosexuals and court the lowest common denominator amongst us by speaking out against gay marriage and then engage in sex with other men! In that context they play the parts of both victim and villain in some fucked up melodrama I can’t even begin to wrap my head around. It’s like looking at an MC Escher Painting, or something.

I know this isn’t a mythology strip, I apologize, but I do like to mix it up every now and again. I was a political science major for a whole year before I realized I despise the sorts of people that become political science majors and became an art student, so hopefully you’ll indulge me here.

I’d thought, at one point, that I could make a difference in the world by standing on a soapbox at political rallies and telling people that thinking certain ways was wrong. It turned out that I was wrong. I’ve since realized that the best way to really touch peoples’ lives is to create things that they can identify with. The most life-changing experiences I’ve had have been with books, comics, and art and they’ve been pretty substantial. I started drawing comics and writing because of Gabe and Tycho over at Penny-Arcade. I learned to believe in myself when I was young because of JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Now, I write every day and draw constantly so that someday I can have a dialogue with people about what we think is important.

And if we can’t have a dialogue, I hope at least that I can make you smile or, even better, make you laugh.

Because butts are pretty damned hilarious.